Academic Training

Academic Training is work, training, or experience related to a student's field of study. Training may be paid or unpaid and can take place either on- or off-campus

Training Extracts

It has become common to publish large language models that have been trained on private datasets. This paper demonstrates that in such settings, an adversary can perform a training data extraction attack to recover individual training examples by querying the language model.

Industrial Training

Industrial Training refers to the practical training in a company or an industrial environment that helps the students in developing the required skills which will help them in becoming a professional of the future.

Industrial Manuals

As required by the general and sectorial technical legislation, each machine must be accompanied by what are known as the Original Instructions. Our aim is to provide a complete User and Maintenance Manual, edited using the appropriate technical language.

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Meridians Social

Meridians Social is an online network marketing company that started in 2019 by an experienced network marketing expert. The name, Meridians Social , has to do with thé Vision of a servant of God Rev.Walters FONYAM With great passion for souls winning, éradication of poverty through Humanity empowerment Trainings. Meridians Social is an orgarnization giving a holistic approach to human existence and renders various services that touches the heart of the world.

Meridians Social was created to Empower humanity in equity through all its members. It is here to give resources and future to humanity through empowerment and networking. We are creating jobs and financial freedom to all willing personnel without preference in qualification, colour or tribe.

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